Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Slug Accessories!

I have "grown" quite a large family of slugs and the other night as I looked over at them all lined up, staring at me, they seemed to be trying to tell me something...."We're bored!" Yes, sales are slow in my shop, so they are getting restless just hanging about with nothing to do but wait for someone to give them a good home. For only a few pennies a day, you can change the life of one of these adorable little slugs.....ha ha ha! My friend asked me to make some custom slugs in the likes of her husband and daughter and this inspired me to liven up my crew! Her daughter is only 2 but such a princess so I made a cute little crown for her. Her husband likes to work out so I made a little dumbell for his slug. This opened up a whole world of fun for me and I spent a whole day making little miniatures accessories for my slugs. I think my favorite newest creations are the pizza party slugs! Great for party favors at birthday parties, each little slug is customized for each guest at your party and comes with his own little slice of pizza. While I've added accessories to some of the older slugs, there are still lonely little slugs waiting for good homes that are the same price as they always were, so stop on by my etsy shop and take a peek! I can't wait to make more, give me ideas!!! They would make great stocking stuffers as well and Christmas is just around the corner.