Monday, May 11, 2009

I Like White Weddings

I have been away, but I'm back! I just finished this cute little bride slug for a custom order. She will be a gift for the bride to be at her bridal shower! And in keeping with the marital spirit of an upcoming wedding I will be attending, I put together a lovely white wedding collection of handmade items from Etsy. Enjoy!

1. GarterLady 2. artisanlook 3. amadalebel 4. gSakura 5. LHCalligraphy 6. PomLove

7. ChloeAndCompany 8. blissfulmoments 9. naturefavors


ODD imagination said...

This little wedding slug brings a smile to my face! How cute she is! Good color choice too. :o)

ODD imagination said...

Hi Martha! Because I enjoy your blog so much and all the cute things you make that bring a smile to my face I have passed on the Kreative Blog Award to you! Just head on over to my blog and pick it up. :o)