Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Illustration Inspiration

I've been working on some new illustrations recently. I have always been discouraged by my lack of ability to draw people, even in a funky cartoon way. The other night I grabbed my sketchbook and just started doing some quick loopy drawings without really thinking about it and low and beyond, I think I finally found my style! I scanned all the sketches and digitally colored them, which takes quite awhile, but to me is worth it. Not sure what will become of them, perhaps I'll will do some custom portraits? Who knows! Here's the most recent one I finished today. I tried to use an old color palette from colourlovers called chicken soup and revamped it by switching out a green for a nice earthy brown. I ended up using black and white as well, but I guess that's not really cheating. I found the background photo from my friends M&B's Vermont wedding album. And lastly added to the collage effect with a coffee stained paper I found laying around the studio. You can see some other illustrations here, will no color palette restrictions and plain backgrounds.