Monday, January 26, 2009

W is for...WOW!

Okay, so I know I have slacked off on the whole alphabet series. You might even say my effort recently has been weak (since today's letter is W)! It's interesting how I managed to keep up with it during the busy holidays but now that things have slowed down I have almost completely given up! With only 4 letters left, I just couldn't let the procrastination get the better of me! But W is a hard one! I couldn't find much on Etsy for the letter W that really caught my eye. In my search I came across this absolutely amazing shop though...and it made me say "Wow! This is totally rad!" So I guess it's only fitting to feature electricboogaloo for today's letter!
I would much rather consider myself an adorable dork (aka adorkable) but I fear from time to time I wander over into the nerd category. Science was my second favorite subject in school after all and I even was called Envirogirl for a brief period in senior high! So, it came as no surprise that I absolutely loved these Nerdy Baby ABC Flashcards! As Tiffany, the creative mind behind electricboogaloo, points out, nerdy partents have nerdy babies so why not "geek up the nursery!" It's 100% old school flashcard stlye meets biology 101 with super awesome color drawings that look like they are straight out of my high school text books! Now this is an alphabet set worth much more than a mere $20.00!
I was relieved to discover I didn't quite understand some of these flashcards, which no doubt confirms my adorkable status over nerdom! But I still enjoyed them greatly, and any cool kid will tell you that if you enjoy science, you're a nerd. But if the nerdy ABC's aren't humorous enough for you, then check out Nerdy Baby 123 with more pi! Okay, I'm a nerd. But c'mon, you gotta admit, this gal is pretty damn smart, crafty and creative! If there was some kind of alphabet award, you'd win 1st place in my book, Tiffany! So all you science geeks out there, go and check out this super neato shop whether you have a baby or not. Perhaps you can educate some of your non science geek friends with these informative flashcards and teach them a thing or two about why it's cool to be a nerd.


electric boogaloo said...

Wow, thank you so much for featuring me!