Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O is for...

I was in the doctor's office today, and stupid Sarah Palin was on the TV. But then it made me think, no worries cause Obama was elected, yay! And that reminded me of today's totally awesome alphabet feature!
By Joshua Martens of dripstick out of Brooklyn, NY Obama 8x8 print is just what I'd like to hang in my house! I love this artist's alphabet series becuase its not about cute little graphics and clever illustrations but rather the concept and imagery of what each letter stands for. Simplicity at it's best. The series was inspired by the periodic table of elements, and together the pieces look absolutely stunning on a wall. This is one etsy shop I can really stand behind, based on their founding beliefs alone: that art should be accessible and affordable for everyone.
Be sure to stop by their website and blog and check out these other great prints in the etsy shop: Lomo Bicycle Fine Art Photography 02, Organic Series - Apple Trees, Monkey Series - Puppet, and French Box Labels Series - Bananas.