Sunday, February 8, 2009

Button Your Eyes!

How totally awesome is this!?!? The new movie Coraline just opened a few days ago and I haven't seen it yet, but I think I'm going to have to beg to go tonight. We were going to wait until my birthday, but I can't wait two more days! I have to go NOW! I went onto the official website to check it out, and of course it's totally RAD in every meaning of the word! I wish I could work on a movie set like this! I would love to spend endless days, months, years making little trees and flowers and all the other creepy cool props and sets. Apparently there is a forest made entirely of painted popcorn! And I heard that the movie took 7 years to complete, the crew turned out about a minute a week. Insane, but just so insane that I would love it! I tried to find the creepiest pictures I could of Myke and I to Coraline-ize ourselves. The site is all interactive and I spent about 45 minutes there and didn't even see half of it. You can of course give yourself button eyes, make weird flowers in the garden and explore all kinds of other places. Go and check it out and go and see the movie!