Monday, February 9, 2009

X is for...

X is a hard one, so I thought I'd feature another full alphabet set....made from up cycled materials, bonus! This Recycled Coke Can Alphabet is the green counterpart to the neon plastic refrigerator magnets we all had as kids...and...ah, some of us still have! It's only $8.00 for the whole set, a bit more pricey than the old school set but well worth it and a steal if you consider all the work that went into it! Loda's etsy shop features handmade goodies all fashioned out of empty pop cans. So clever and crafty! My personal favorite is the cute little recycled piggie brooch! Hurry and grab this one up, Loda's last three sales were all this similar coke alphabets and this is the last one listed in her shop!