Thursday, June 25, 2009

I won a Kreativ Blogger Award

Never heard of this fun little blogosphere award, but it sure feels nice to have been given one by Denise at ODDimagination a little while back and more recently by Shelbi at A Game of Twister! Just when I thought I'd lost my momentum and suffered a series of unfortunate delays in getting custom orders out, I discover a lovely reminder that someone out there enjoys what I do!
Tradition dictates that I must list 6 things (or 7 things) that I am thankful/grateful for, inspired by and/or love. So here it goes:
1. I'm most thankful for my family, my mom and dad and Myke. Let's face it, without them, I wouldn't be where I am. I'd have to say I'm especially grateful to Myke who has been very supportive and patient through all of this umemployed weirdness and very encouraging and supportive of my Etsy shop! He always makes me laugh, even when I am mad and there is no one else I'd rather be stuck on a deserted island with! (unless that island is "the island" because then I'd really appreciate it if some other people were there too, like Sawyer and John Locke)
2. I simply cannot live without COLOR! I wish it was tangible so I could swim in a big pool of rainbow colors. I don't know what I would do if I lost the ability to be enchanted by color. It inspires me. I feel happiest when I am surrounded by bright playful hues and it's the driving force behind all of my artwork. If there was a religion that worshipped color, I'd be a very devote follower!
3. I love that I get to play with clay all day long due to being laid off and also receiving unemployment. So, I guess in a way I owe a big thank you to Obama!
4. I love food! This may seem silly, but I am very thankful to have delicious fresh food to eat everyday and that I know how to cook! Fruits, veggies and yummy cheeses are among my favorites and always in stock. If only Whole Foods didn't cost an arm and a leg...
5. I am very inspired by nature and the great outdoors. I was lucky to grow up as a outdoor camping kid and spent a lot of time in the woods around a campfire, canoeing on a lake or canal and sleeping out under the stars. I miss the mountains and the overwhelming green of summer.
6. I also love that I finally have a space to call my "studio" where I can come to make all sorts of fun arts and crafts. I never realized how many art supplies I had until they all filled up a room! I can't ask for anything else than to be able to keep creating and expressing myself though whatever medium I happen to be obsessed with at the moment. Yay for art!
I don't really know who to pass this award along to, but instead you should all go and check out the blogs on my blog love list. Really, it's worth your time. Thanks again Denise and Shelbi!


Lee Beth said...

Well congratulations and I think those are all good things to be thankful for.

Martha said...

Why, thank you!