Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Illustration Friday

With all the sculpting I've been doing, I have noticed that I miss doodling in m sketchbook and making colorful illustrations with Photoshop and now Illustrator. Illustration Friday is a super website that encourages just such behaviour. Each week there is a different theme and illustrators of all sorts are invited to submit their interpretations. I've visited IF before but never thought about submitting anything myself; that is until now! Hopefully I'll keep at it week to week. Be sure to visit the site and check out all the great work. There are also great links to other contests you can enter, like Happiness: The Tribute21 Plate Challenge. The wheels in my head are already turning, thinking of fun plate designs that represent happiness!
This week's topic: unfold My digital illustration is pretty straight forward and plain, but I like the color palette and geometrically sharp lines which are very different from my usual style.