Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Ideas, New Blog

The job hunt is still not going well. And unfortunately, my reserves are starting to slowly run out. All the more reason to get this little slug business of mine going and fast! I'm working on new items for the shop. I know I've been saying this for awhile, but there is a method to the temptation and long wait, I swear! I have so many projects rolling around in my head its hard to figure out which order to execute them in. Here are a few of the major things that will be happening. I will be giving the MarthaLand blog a makeover, soon hopefully. Each week my posts will revolve around a theme of sorts. All the same ole stuff will still be here: sneak peeks, works in progress, shop updates, I like collections, Color Sketches, Inspiration and artist interviews/features. Some things I might add, if it works with the theme: recipes, noteworthy links, sites, etc. and slug factoids. What's that? Who must know what the upcoming theme will be? Well, BBQ season of course!
And I will be starting up a very very very very basic website. That is once I relearn DreamWeaver. I just purchased CS4 with my Etsy earnings, but cannot install in on my computer with out some more pricey upgrades, so buy those slugs people!
But perhaps the biggest change to the business will be the addition of completely new items! YEAH! This is going to take a considerable amount of trial and error. Funds are tight and limited to the income I am making with Etsy sales, so these new projects may get put on the back burner from time to time. I don't want to spoil the surprises, but just to give you a little tease, some of the current ideas include paper goods, display for your slugs and possibly some new original work that will be very different from the slugs.
To all my followers and returning visitors, thank you! And of course to all my wonderful customers, thank you even more for your continued support!