Saturday, March 21, 2009

Be Inspired

I'm constantly looking around me for inspiration of some kind. Usually in the form of color, which I find just about anywhere. The other day I was taking lint out of the trap in the dryer and discovered the most beautifully delicate stone blue. It was much harder to replicate with clay, but I made a few slugs a slightly greyer shade! Sometimes I seem to be inspired by certain objects that repeatedly come up for no particular reason. I suppose I should take this as a subconscious hint that I've got something up there in my head that needs to get out. Lately it has been bananas! That hilarious new Denny's commercial with "nannerpuss" started it all. I can't stop buying them...I say buy because most of the time they go bad before I can eat them. I make banana slugs all day long. And I've been itching to play one of my favorite games, Bananagrams! It's always fun to see what other people are inspired by, and apparently like me, someone was thinking about bananas when they made this word game! I never thought of fruit being inspirational as far as recreation is concerned but it sure is fun to play with your food so it only seems natural! And the game really has absolutely nothing to do with bananas, except for its name and the cute pouch it comes in. If you are a fan of Scrabble but don't like the competitive nature of the game then check out Bananagrams. There is a defined winner according to the offical rules, but rules were made to be broken right? When we play it's for fun, and nobody wins or loses. It's a good way to effortlessly come up with words of inspiration too! Some of the words I spelled out today: noodle, extra, frog, juicy, throat, gem, whiz and koi. Here's the commercial...I just couldn't resist!