Thursday, March 12, 2009

I like Zombies

1. Sock Zombie Doll :: Yessssssssssss! Two of my favorite things all sewn into one: handmade plush and zombie! Love the puffy paint glitter blood! This one is definitely for your zombie lovin' friends who don't like all the gore but like a heavy handed dose of humor! If for no other reason, you must check this shop out for the zombie interviews.
2. Zombie Octopus :: This etsy artist makes the coolest clay octopi (?) ever! She was the first artist I ever hearted when I discovered etsy, even before I had my own shop. I guess even the ocean isn't safe from the living dead! So much for getting scuba certified...
3. Night of the Living Bread :: This is just so hilarious it's scary...a parody (obviously) on Romero's Night of The Living Bread , which you will notice is nowhere in my collection of zombie favs. (It scares me!) I saw this yeasty version for the first time at like 2am while sleeping over at a friend's house. We laughed for hours, but then again what couple of 14 year old girls don't laugh for hours. My favorite scene involves a very sneaky dinner roll.
4. Zombies Board Game :: Don't be fooled by the first glance of this limited color palette box...this game is sooooo awesome. Two of my greatest friends turned me onto it while I was living in Vermont. We had hours of endless fun fighting zombies and racing to the helipad. It's a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll want to play til you die!
5. 3 Zombie Buttons :: Show your support (or fear) of zombies with this nifty little buttons. Here's another fun etsy artist with loads of zombie merch in her shop. Even little catnip brains for your kitty to chew on. Better watch out though...those brains might be infected!
6. Shaun of the Dead :: Who doesn't love a Simon Pegg movie? My personal Pegg favorite. It's like a parody only better...and funnier than being attacked by sliced bread. The perfect movie mash plot of romance, comedy and horror. Slacker Shaun (Pegg) decides to win his ex-girlfriend back, turn his life around and go visit his mum all in the midst of a zombie breakout, all while his super sidekick, Ed, manages to muck it up. Funny stuff.
7. Zombie Squad :: Zombies for a cause! Based out of St. Louise, Missouri, this community service group focuses on disaster preparedness and helps to raise money for disaster relief charities. Of course their primary objective is to protect you from the undead! Check out the site to learn about other chapters and zombie walks.
8. Zombie Portrait :: Holy crap! This is great for that zombie lover on your list. Artist Rob Sachetto will turn a jpeg image of you into an awesome illustrated zombie portrait! This guy is a zombie genius! I'm saving my money for this one! It's the gift that keeps on living!
9. The Zombie Survival Guide :: The one and only, by Max Brooks. That's all I'm gonna say. Read it. By now you should be scared enough to realize you need it.


The Stapelia Company said...

I love zombies too! I did a drawing once of a Zombie Pancake Breakfast that showed them all falling apart with chef hats on serving up flapjacks. Hahaha. Nice.