Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Serendipity

Even though we slept in on Sunday, we still managed to have quite a nice afternoon. After getting lunch, we went over to the new location of Park Avenue CDs in Winter Park. I'd never been and Myke really wanted to show me. Awesome shop! We browsed through the vinyl and plush, picked up a few new blind box toys and got tickets to the Animal Collective show coming up soon! Then we headed over across the street to Stardust Video and Coffee. Super cool, I wish we lived closer, I'd hang out there all day. The coffee was good and even though we didn't rent any independent movies, anything we could have wanted was there, wall to wall, ceiling to floor.
Instead Myke found this cool game we've never heard of called Quits. We played a few rounds while we sipped our coffee and tea. I won best out of three! We liked it so much that we I got home, he suggested I make a board so we could keep playing. Even though it took me a few hours and many failed attempts to create 25 perfectly sized squares out of clay, I finally finished and we played a few more games before we went to bed. Here's a picture of the real game and my rendition made out of polymer clay and art foam.
I ended up making the sliding pieces in the shape of circles, not as smooth to move as square shapes, but still playable! Wooden pieces are definitely the way too go I think. I am pondering improvements on the design and possibly selling the game in my shop, but that's quite a big undertaking! At least for now we've added a new game to our collection, and it only cost about $10 to make.


Angela said...

Wow! Your version of the game looks better than the original!

Martha said...

Thanks! That means a lot considering how long it took me to get it right!