Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Play With Your Food!

It's kind of nice not having a job because I get to make a hot fresh breakfast and eat it somewhere other than the car! Today I made pancakes, yum! I haven't made them in a long time. When I was a kid, my mom made pancakes all the time for breakfast. The best were blueberry, with fresh blueberries from our yard! I miss having a garden and orchard. Sometimes when they were plain, she'd make breakfast extra fun by drawing little pictures and putting my initials on them! I didn't think of it until the last one and my hunger got priority over creativity, but I thought I'd give it ago. Mom, you truly are an artist! I didn't fair so well, but maybe I'll keep practicing. Never done this before? It's easy, here what you do: 1. Pour your batter very slowly in the shape of whatever you like, I seem to remember one extra special breakfast with butterfly pancakes. Remember to keep your batter doodle small enough to fit within the shape of a regular pancake. You have to work fast too. 2. Let it cook until the top of the batter is all nice and bubbly. This is important so your picture will show up! 3. Pour a regular pancake over your doodle, starting in the middle. It helps to move quickly while doing this too. 4. Wait for the appropriate bubbling again, and flip! Tada! 5. Marvel at your pancake artwork while it cooks on the other side! Here's a helpful tip too: whatever you draw will be reversed when you flip your pancake, so if you are making an initial or letter, be sure to draw it backwards!