Friday, April 10, 2009

Be Inspired

I don't know why I've never shared this before, but color is the best kind of inspiration there is! For me anyway...I've been doing a lot of color studying lately, because its my most favorite thing and I'm always cooking up good ideas when I have no way to record them. Then when I need to remember, it's gone and I waste my time trying to replicate something nearly impossible to recall. I happened upon ColourLovers a while ago and got trapped for hours looking at pretty colors palettes. It's an amazing place for anyone and everyone to create, share and explore with color in it's most simpliest forms. You don't have to be an artist to have fun here! You make your palettes consisting of up to five colors right on the site, publish them and play around with translating them into different patterns. If one of your colors is new, you get to name it too! (This is like my dream job!) Plus for all intensive purposes, you can download the palettes for all sorts of applications: wedding theme colors, interior decorating, fashion and graphic design. The list is endless. Then I kind of forgot about the site. I've been having so many brainstorming ideas lately and I while working on a color palette study of my own yesterday when I remembered the site again! So, I got to work creating a bunch of fun color palettes to share with the world! I have to admit I was up way toooooo late doing it too. At least now I will have a place to store all those eye candy goodies for later, and also find some other inspiration as well. Here's my first one. Watermelon Be sure to stop by and check out all my other lovely palettes, find me under the username ChromaPop. I'm already starting to rethink the Etsy shop! After all, it's sole purpose is to bring color into your life, so why not do just that! Besides, the graphic design is not going so well....If you come up with any nifty palettes, send them my way! I'll try to post new color inspiration weekly for those of you who just like to look!