Monday, April 20, 2009

Snails are coming!

Here's a sneak peek at a totally new project I am working on. It's absolutely a work in progress, lots of kinks to work out, but I'm excited and I hope it will expand my market a bit. I toyed with making snails before but could never get the shell just right out of clay. Plus is requires a lot of clay and makes the sculpture really heavy meaning more shipping costs. I also had the idea to use fabric, I love to sew but haven't in such a long time. My mom recently gave me an old sewing machine a friend was just throwing away, so I thought I'd give it a try. The plan is to use old t-shirts in bright colors of course for the shells and stuff them with polyfil. The first one I made wasn't really salvagable! But I liked this one a lot. Because my slugs are unconventional in design, I decided my little snail shells would have to be a bit different as well.
This one has a little elastic strap on it making each slug a convertable snail, if you will! How fun! But I don't like that you can see it so I think I may just attached the soft shells to the slugs permantly. I haven't figured that out yet, but I'll be sure to post lots more photos as I test out new designs and ideas!


The Stapelia Company said...

How is this little guy going to have a removable shell?! That is seriously adorable. I love him as much as I love the slugs.

ODD imagination said...

OMGosh! I am totally cracking up. This is a GREAT idea and it is hilarious! I really like the fact that you can see the shell straps. It adds to the whole piece (in my humble opinion).

ODD imagination said...

I forgot to say - go look at my etsy sales and you will understand why I love your little slugs and snails so much. :o)

Emma said...

I love that his shell comes off--it's so cute!