Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Lovely List!

Yay for MarthaLand, I have been featured on Where the Lovely Things Are, a wonderful spot dedicated to, well, you guessed it! All things lovely! Mallory, the mistress of lovely herself, has just started this new feature on her blog and my Lovely List is the first one! Stop on over for my long list of all the things I think are lovely and take a check out at all the amazingly lovely things that Mallory hearts! You can send her your own lovely list as well. I highly recommend it. It was such a fun thing to put together and once you get going, you just don't want to stop! And as an added bonus, when you are finished you'll have that warm fuzzy feeling inside from thinking about all the lovely things in life!
Oh, and I almost forgot! My slugs were also featured at early this week! Another great site for all things cute!


Nancy said...

Congrats on the feature, well deserved, you know I'm a fan of your slugs!