Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disney Eggs?

This disturbs me. I live in Orlando, so of course I am constantly being bombarded with Disney-related media at all times. Since moving here a year and a half ago I've even been to the Disney parks or related areas more than a few times. I've had fun on each visit going on the rides but one thing has always disturbed me and that was an eerie feeling that the Disney Corporation is slowly taking over the world. Every souvenir shop is crammed full of overpriced stuffed animals and Disney-fied everything imaginable from candy to shot glasses. There are even high end Disney art galleries! It's bad enough that eating in the parks cost an arm and a leg but naming it after everyone's favorite character doesn't make it taste any better, it freaks me out more! For some reason I always envision huge looming food factories behind the scenes, just cranking out fake, amusement park food on a long conveyor belt that stretches as far as the eye can see. Alright, maybe my overactive imagination has gotten the better of me. Since early February I've been seeing these commercials and now I know I'm not insane. This is ridiculous. This is obscene. Disney should stick to what it's good at, amusement and entertainment. And as Myke cleverly pointed out, "it's not like you get the mickey shaped egg mold or anything" so what is the point of buying these eggs! I don't know how much they cost, but you can bet your life the price of having Mickey and all his friend's faces stamped on your eggs is just as overpriced and disappointing as every other consumer product with the Disney name on it!


Martha said...

$ Walmart of course!

Sarah said...

I totally agree - obscene is a good word for it!