Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MarthaLand Turns 1 Today!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my Etsy shop! I didn't even realize or I would have planned a huge sale or something fun. I do have a handful of left over mini slugs, so for the rest of today and all of tomorrow (4-14 5:30pm to 4-15 midnight) if you purchase anything from my shop, I will throw in one of these little mini slugs for free! (while supplies last of course) Just be sure to enter MarthaLand Turns 1 in the notes to seller so I know you saw this post.
And for anyone who is curious, in this first year of selling on Etsy I've made $1648 in sales! I was surprised! I didn't think it was that much. My biggest month for sales so far has been this month actually! I have about 10-15 custom orders I am working on right now. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me! My goal is to get organized with all my paperwork and such and make a go at this full time.


Jayme McGowan said...

Congratulations on a successful first year! I saw your work on Etsy's front page just yesterday- looks like year two is off to a good start as well. :)