Monday, November 3, 2008

Call for Entries...kinda sorta!

Thanks to the few who voted for Thanksgiving slugs. Unfortunately I will not being making any special edition Turkeys or Pilgrims to list in my shop. My full time job is very demanding this time of year and I will be working up to 60 hours a week so I do not foresee much "free" time to work on anything too elaborate for my shop. I am sad about this, but there will be new slugs from time to time, I promise! I am working hard now to build up my stock so I can list new items each week. If anyone would like a Thanksgiving themed slug, don't hesitate to convo me on Esty and request a custom order. Custom orders are my ultimate favs! I love knowing that I can give my customers exactly what they want in a colorful little slug! And I can do more than just slugs too. Check out this super awesome set of yorkshire puppies I made for an etsy customer... They are so cute, I didn't want to mail them off to her! Speaking of giving my customers exactly what they want.....Another project I'd like to start (with the intentions of getting more viewers and slug fans to my blog) is in the works. I'm still working on completing the 2nd edition of slugs, hopefully before the end of 2008. Last I checked I was around 80 slugs total including the minis (but not the custom orders) out of 100. You wouldn't think it would be hard to come up with names and personalities, but it is! I've run out of friends and family members to commemorate in a slug. The down side to this is that most of the time I end up gifting their slug to them because the whole situation becomes so personal (I can't be selling these people I hold near and dear to just anyone)! However the plus side is that occasionally they see the slug created in their honor and have to buy it! Maybe I am a little too obsessed with these clay children of mine, but I truly do put thought into naming them. If I come up with something that just doesn't seem right, they go unnamed until something fitting pops into my head. It's then that I create an a snippet of a story about them and sometimes a little accessory to go with it. Lately, this process of naming and identifying has become more time consuming and difficult than the sculpting. So, I want to have a sort of call for entries I guess. I invite anyone and everyone to comment on my blog with new slug ideas. The purpose of course is to get fresh ideas for new slugs for the 3rd edition which by all definition must be just as much fun and silly, yet better by definition in some way than their predecessors. I imagine they will be more "evolved" in an artistic interpretation of what the evolution of a cartoony slug might look like. And I believe they will have more personality, wit and charm as well! So subscribe to MarthaLand, join the madness of my world and send me your ideas. I'll post my favorites and eventually start making them when I find the time again. Don't forget to include the name of the slug, a brief tidbit about his or her personality, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. and a possible accessory as well. Stay tuned to MarthaLand and the Etsy shop for more details.......