Monday, November 17, 2008

J is for....

This J is for Jellyfish screenprint is just one of many favorites by StrawberryLuna! Once again, I had a hard time picking which of these alphabet prints to feature. This alphabet series features animals, as do many that I've come across on Etsy but what draws me to artist Allison's line of work is the awesome old school feel of her choice of paper and the negative space you often get with screenprints. Her illustrations remind me of an ABC book I had as a child, but with a new and artsy twist. Check out P is for Panda and Q is for Quail to see two other styles of this series. You can get the individual letters for $15.00 or buy the whole alphabet for $350.00. She has lots of other nifty screenprinted goodies as well, including music posters and t-shirts. Check out her website at and be sure to stop by her blog as well! This gal knows what fun is all about!
I know I've already featured some letter jewelry by KeyandMemories, but I just couldn't resist this collection of Narcissist Necklaces by yellowlux. This J - Narcissist Necklace - Frosted Glass Pendant is so crisp and clean. Nice and simple for those super particular people you never know what to get for their birthday and holidays. Plus if you really know someone whose really into themselves, this makes a perfect gift because you get to poke a little innocent fun at their ego (without them really knowing)! Each necklace costs $27.00 and comes in a cute little gift box. You can choice your chain length and these Narcissist Series pendants hang from a corner for a unique diamond shape display instead of the boring square shape we see all the time. Check out her other frosted glass pendants and read up on her blog for more about yellowlux!


strawberryluna said...

Thank you bunches for featuring my glow-in-the-dark Jellyfish friends in your cool series here. How fun! I hope that you have a good time finishing it out, I will be checking back to see them all.


Martha said...

Thank you bunches for making such cool art!