Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cutest Shoes Ever!

I was surfin' the web (does anyone say that anymore?) and I came across some super cute shoes by fellow etsian em & sprout! I remember buying a whole bunch of shoes like these fun and colorful cotton mary janes a year or two ago with hopes of doing great things...but these little critters for your feet really take the cake!
My favorites are the zombie kitties...meroooooow! Lindsay, who is the creator of these adorable shoes, has lots of sizes and designs, something for every girl who likes to make sure her feet are always having fun, cause let's face it, your feet can't NOT have fun in these shoes! Check out her shop, the prices are a steal for the holidays.
I did make a painted and buttoned pair for my friend Bela as a birthday gift, but the rest are buried in my closet somewhere. Lindsay, you have inspired me to find a new and equally exciting design for the rest of my shoes!


lindsay said...

Aw thank you so much for featuring me, I'm completely flattered! Your shoes rock!