Thursday, November 6, 2008

A is for AWESOME!

I was looking on Etsy for Christmas gifts for my nephews tonight...I've almost always given them something I've handmade, like my fleecie beasties above, but I've run out of ideas! Two years ago these stuffed animal monsters were such a hit that I'm not sure how to top them! My sister says they all fight over the same one! (I guess dinosaurs are cooler than little blue winged monsters) Even though they are different ages, I usually like to get them all the same kind of thing. This year I thought of maybe something fun with their initials so of course I went straight to Etsy....low and behold a whole world of alphabet awesomeness exploded before my eyes! I've just spent the past 2 hours pouring over pages and pages of different Etsy artist's interreptations of the ABCs. And while I have not found the perfect gift for my 4 nephews, I did find so many unique and fun alphabet prints, sculptures, pillows, necklaces, photographs and more! I am inspired to do an alphabet feature for the next month, or 26 days anyway! I will post a new handmade letter each day with a link to that Etsy artist's shop page. Stay tuned!
For now, here are a few of the unconventional and fun alphabet related things I found tonight...

Set of 26 Alphabet Tags by vmilan. Great for scrapbooking or a fun activity for all ages, you get to create your own fun alphabet series. Unfornatutely this is sold out, but perhaps you'll like the Woodland Creatures Tags as well! Just as cute for fall!!!

TAG'D Graffit Initial Jewelry by beebles are two of my favorite things: unique and wearable. It's the new and hipper alternative to wearing one of those airbrushed t-shirts with your boyfriends name on it. Even better, get your initial and his, you'll never be apart! Check out her signature Rockin' Blocks too, super cool stuff. I wish I was a baby again so I could have them! I wish my nephews were younger so I could get them these awesome blocks!

The Letter L by TwoSarahs is just one of the many blocks you can choose from with the Amercian Sign Language symbol for any letter of your choice on it. These are wee enough to sit on your desk at work or perhaps turn them into magnets for the fridge. For the whole ASL alphabet check out this poster also for sale in the shop.