Thursday, November 13, 2008

G is for...

I've been a fan of waterbears for quite some time so you can imagine how excited I was to discover a marvelous alphabet painting in the waterbears etsy shop during my search for letters! Unfortunately I can't show it to you because I haven't asked for permission. I am behind on my postings....... But take my word for it and check out the waterbears shop! Please! Artist Tim Boyd has an amazing illustration style that reminds me of a awesome graphic novel with a mix graffiti and a dash of whimsy in his color and texture. If I was a painter I'd want to be just like Tim! The alphabet listing G is for Giraffe is a 4x6 print of an original painting so the cost is cheap at $10.00. If you want the real deal (and a different letter) then this custom alphabet listing is for you. And while your visiting his shop, be sure to check out some of my other comical favorites: I Love Bacon, The Argument and Fried Bananas. You can also visit his website at But of course I had to give you something to look at so here is the second feature for today, a Recycled Sail Messenger Bag with the letter G! From reiter8, this bag is truly the coolest upcycle I have seen yet. Plus I love that this artist is saving these sailboat sails from being thrown into a landfill; because of the sustainability of this material, it truly is a waste to not repurpose them! I am definitely the kind of person that could benefit from a water resistant bag...if I didn't have too many bags already. This shop also has other bags, pillows, wallets and luggage tags all from the same sail materials. The feel of this line is very urban (the shop is based in Brooklyn) yet it reminds me of vacations to Maine and the rocky beach coasts there. I imagine these sails being rescued from a treetops and drift wood tangles on the shores after a windstorm. Check out this link to The Storque (Etsy's online newsletter) where you can watch a video to learn more about reiter8 and see how the bags are made!


Sandy said...

Hey, thanks for including my work in your blog! It appears we share the same taste in favorite artists. What can I say, great minds think alike! -Tim Boyd

Katherine said...

Gee that's nice! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Thanks for featuring my recycled sail messenger bag!

I love the fun alphabet series - great idea. My studio mate Teresa from acorn letterpress ( makes beautiful monogram cards - worth checking out for future posts!