Friday, November 21, 2008

L is for...

I don't have any wees ones yet, but as a studio photographer I see lots of cute hairbows and this Holiday Arglye Hairclip Set is perfect for Christmas pictures! Samantha of TipTopLollipop, handmakes all these bows so any initial can be embroidered on the clippies. And I always say customizable makes for the most personal gifts! If you're a mom that has lots of friends with babies these are wonderfully thoughtful and cheap for only $5.75 for two clips! Plus this shop is bursting at the seams with super cute hair clippies for everyday. I don't ever remember having so many options when I was little! There are lots of styles and all sizes from newborn up to big girls. Hurry over to Samantha's shop to take advantage of her holiday sale!
And now for something completely different...a L Letter Lovers Notebook! If you love letters (like me!) then this is the notebook for you! It's by peeppaper and filled with 40 leaves of acid free paper. Toss it in your bag for jotting down great gift ideas, doodle too past the time while you're waiting in line during the holiday season...or yes you guessed it: GIFT IT! For $12.00 it's a good gift for a tween that you aren't sure what to get or somebody in your life that is always filling up blank books! There are lots of colors and letters available. I love the peeppaper shop because it's full of awesome fonts and the overlay of color printing it the work creates a fresh blend of classic and modern. This is the way stationary should be! Check out these notelets for more sweet graphics and overlaid patterns and look carefully at the companion notebook ...there are hidden Ls in the design! So clever peeppaper!