Wednesday, November 19, 2008

K is for....

Sorry for the delay, I missed a day! Yikes! But I'm sure you will enjoy today's feature.... Perhaps one of my favorite thing about this super fun alphabet feature is all the different fonts I come across, like the awesome tree font featured on this Letter K Totebag by duo David and Maggie at Etsy's LoyaltyandBlood. I'm a self-admitted font junky, just can't get enough and I especially love fonts created from pictures and objects like this. Pick up this tote bag with your initial on it for $22.00 and save a plastic tree the next time you go grocery shopping. LoyaltyandBlood also has tons of other simple and classic letter totes like this one as well as some great t-shirts and even brass jewelry. Here are a few of my favs: Mens Striped Florescent Tee, Womens Trees Tee, and Swallow Filigree Necklace.

First I have to thank reiter8 from my previous letter G feature for letting me know about her friend at acornletterpress, creator of the day's second featured item: these beautiful Letterpress Personalized Notecards. You get a set of 10 for $30.00. The great things about them: you can customize your order by letter, font, (yippee!) color, corner style, envelope type and even request a larger quanity. So many choices! And even though the election is over, I really enjoyed these Election Greeting Cards/Party Invitations as well! If you like traditional art, then be sure to stop by this shop. The letterpress technique that this artist uses by applying ink to a raised image and then stamping it onto the paper creates beautiful imprints that stand out from the rest!